Raytheon Badge Clips
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Raytheon Badge Clips

As one of the world’s leading aerospace and defense providers, Raytheon Technologies Corporation develops products and services on a global level.


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Raytheon Metal Pin Years Of Service 03


The Raytheon team wanted to create functional recognition pieces to honor employee work anniversaries. Most importantly, we had to balance practicality, design, and usability. Before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees would use badge clips to get into the office every day. With this, we knew we had an idea to run with.

Raytheon Metal Pin Years Of Service 02


We designed badge clips to celebrate employees’ 5, 10, and 15 years of service with the company. To ensure a classy creation, we plated the badge clips in gold and personalized them with a crisp black enamel. Additionally, we distinguished the clips by plating some in silver and printing different images of the world, based on where the employees were located. For example, Australian employees would see Australia centered on their badge clips, unlike American employees.

Also, we knew we had to engineer the badge clips so that they would not annoy the wearer. Fashion and function both needed to be incorporated. As a result, the back side was uniquely sautered to ensure a seamless and painless design.

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