Maude Group Sales Award
Case Study

Maude Group Sales Award

The Maude Group uses content, design, technology, and fabrication to create mixed-media experiences for its clients.

Maude Group Chamberlain Garage Door Replica 3D Laser 02


Having worked with us before, the Maude Group asked us to create a sales award for one of their clients. They envisioned replicating a garage door opener and applauding vendors who were a part of the project. We used their initial concepts to elevate the award’s design and overall recognition program.

Maude Group Chamberlain Garage Door Replica 3D Laser 03


Through collaboration, we decided on a multi-dimensional concept to showcase the company’s accomplishment. We 3D-lasered the product into a piece of clear crystal. Then, we custom fit that element to a black zebra marble base. To personalize each award, we sand etched and filled with color the customization and thank-you message for each recipient.

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