Four Seasons Lapel Pin
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Four Seasons Lapel Pin

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is an international company in the luxury hospitality industry. Its team creates strong impressions and meaningful experiences for all its guests and employees.


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Four Seasons Corporate Lapel Pin Silver Black Enamel Cristaux 001


One daya Four Seasons team member had noticed and, understandably so, admired a piece we made for a client of ours. They then met with us to create a unique and elegant lapel pin for their staff. Four Seasons wanted to take it a step further by eliminating the traditional pin backing that would pierce holes through the employees’ premium, custom-made suits. Also, the pins needed to have great strength to remain in place through a hard day’s work.

Four Seasons Corporate Lapel Pin Silver Black Enamel Cristaux 003


Through trial and error, we tried many magnets of different strengthsSome fell to the floor, while others took an army to separate. With great determination, we found the one earth magnet that would keep the integrity of the suit and hold up throughout the day. To complete the design, we engraved a silver-coated lapel pin and filled it with black paint to ensure it stood out and spotlighted the company brand.

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