Chicago Innovation Awards
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Chicago Innovation Awards

Chicago Innovation celebrates the game changers in the Chicagoland area. Their mission is to educate, celebrate, and bring together a community of collaborators and innovators with hopes of creating positive change within their ecosystem.


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Event Awards

Chicago Innovation Pinnacle Tower Crystal Award 02


The Chicago Innovation team sought the ideal award to honor innovation in different capacities. Whether it was a company, investor or individuals, they celebrate the big wins in a big way. The Cristaux team aligned immediately with their mission and values, and it also helps that we support our local Chicago programs!

Chicago Innovation Pinnacle Tower Crystal Award 03


Over the years of partnering with the Chicago Innovation Awards, we have manufactured distinct pieces, tailored for each Chicago-based event they host. Most common is the a faceted pillar which we have mastered and deemed the pinnacle tower of crystal.

We digitally print a branded logo that changes for each event. Then, we assemble and ship, to ensure that the event runs as smooth as possible. We’ve also added our solution services over the years that support their program as a whole. From white glove services like studio photography and videography to tell their brand story, all the way to microsite management to oversee their reorder system, our team provides the program support their recognition needs in order to succeed. 

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