i3 Verticals
Case Study

i3 Verticals

i3 Verticals provides software solutions for clients to better run their businesses. Its team works hard to live out the company values of collaboration and innovation.

Crystal Water Jet Cut Green And Silver Color Fill Paint 002


The client wanted custom President’s Club awards for their corresponding trip. To celebrate their top sales team members, they envisioned a brand-centric design. To achieve this concept, they wished to recreate their company logo out of crystal.

Crystal Water Jet Cut Green And Silver Color Fill Paint 003


Per the client’s wishes, we strictly worked with crystal. Using our waterjet machine, we cut out the top panel of the award. To incorporate the i3 Verticals logo, we first etched the design into that component. We then color filled it with the company’s exact green and silver. This created a mesmerizing, metallic effect.

The two-inch-thick base was then polished and decorated with personalized, digitally printed name plates. Finally, we crafted company branded presentation boxes to carry and display the awards.

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