What Makes a Company a Great Place to Work?

Lauren Deegan

Turning your organization into a place that people love working is touted as one of the very best ways to increase your overall success. Like many highly touted business strategies, making your company a great place to work is often more involved than it sounds at first. After all, it really isn’t just great pay packages or a reputation as an industry leader that makes your company attractive to the top talents in your field. Qualitative factors such as workplace culture and team strength matter too.

Making your company a great place to work means understanding what it is that makes organizations great workplaces. Think of your own employment history and of places that you simply loved working. What is it that made those companies so great? Jot down your thoughts, and ask other team leaders to jot down theirs too. Identifying the factors that matter the most in your particular industry is important. Of course, you’ll need to understand some more general factors too.

The Ideal Workplace: An Employee’s View

For employees, great companies are no doubt those ones where they can earn competitive salaries and enjoy good benefits packages. That’s only a fraction of the picture though. After all, there are plenty of people working in high-paying jobs who hate them. What makes a company a great place to work simply goes far beyond compensation.

In fact, when asked what makes a company a great place to work, most satisfied employees don’t immediately talk about compensation and company benefits. Instead, they tend to mention workplaces where they

  • have trusting relationships with their bosses and superiors
  • are able to take pride in what they do
  • enjoy good relationships with their co-workers

Take note that liking and trusting the people that they work for and with is key to employees. That means that your company must build strong teams and ensure that supervisors really have a knack for managing others. Of course, it also means that you need to engage in regular employee recognition and praise. Recognition is a great means of instilling pride in individual employees and building a stronger team as a whole.

The Ideal Workplace: An Executive’s View

The executive view on what constitutes an ideal workplace is actually quite similar to the employee view. Executives and company managers tends to value workplaces where they

  • can achieve organizational objectives with ease
  • work with employees who give their best to the organization
  • have a trusting, friendly relationship with their team

For executives, making a company a great place to work is all about bringing the qualitative factors that employees love together with overall organizational goals. In the end, it’s really about having a great workplace culture built on trust.

Remember that company executives and low-level employees alike often spend more time at your workplace than they do in their own homes. There’s no way that you can attract the top talent in your industry if they don’t feel that your company is a great place to work. At Cristaux, we’re here to help you create an employee recognition program that contributes to an incredible workplace environment. As your awards partner, we’re interested in your success.