How to achieve corporate wellness

Samantha Mikos

Healthy employees are the cornerstone of a prosperous business. People do their best work when they work on themselves. With a focus on well-being, corporate wellness boosts company morale and helps team members become the best they can be. These programs have countless benefits and can easily be adapted to diverse organizations.

What is corporate wellness?

Corporate wellness, or workplace wellness, uses corporate recognition programs to support employee health and well-being. This includes resources and activities to improve nutrition, fitness, mental health, and company morale. Ultimately, business leaders can help take care of employees by caring for the person as a whole. This focus on the entire individual makes team members feel more appreciated and creates greater positivity at work.

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What are the benefits of a corporate wellness program?

Wellness initiatives can help individuals and a whole organization by uplifting company culture. Countless benefits show the value of workplace wellness programs. Small and large activities can change staff morale for the better.

Improved employee health and attendance

Improving one’s health prevents injuries, sickness, and long-term absences. Although employees are encouraged to take time off for themselves or their family, they are more motivated to work hard when healthy and less stressed. When company morale is in good shape, team members want to show up and show out.

Less stress

Sometimes, good stress can be important when motivating employees and driving competition. On the other hand, bad and excessive stress can hinder a company’s culture. With stress management programs, staff members can learn how to effectively manage stress at work and in life. This is an invaluable skill for healthy and happy employees.

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Increased motivation and productivity

When employee health improves, so does engagement. By supporting the well-being of staff, an organization shows it cares. This appreciation helps team members feel more valued and motivated at work. Additionally, improved health makes people more energetic, alert, and eager to achieve great things for their team.

Less health care costs for employees

Wellness programs are cost-effective because they help employees save on health care costs. With improved health comes fewer injuries and sickness. This tangible benefit helps team members invest in other things like their families or hobbies. With their leaders’ support to better their health, employees can save money and show up less stressed.

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Stronger teamwork and morale

Teamwork can improve in two ways. First, employees improve their collaboration and communication during team-based activities. They can work together, learn more about each other, and bring those skills into everyday assignments. Second, improved health helps people think and communicate more clearly.

More talent attracted

By showing an organization deeply cares about its employees, it attracts new and exciting talent. Jobseekers actively look for companies that want the best for them. Actions speak louder than words, so managing wellness problems speaks volumes to new hires. They get to see that they will be supported in and outside the office.

Six benefits of a corporate wellness program

How to create a corporate wellness program that works

To get an accurate picture of what kind of wellness programs employees want, ask them. Conversations about health can help discover goals and generate ideas. In the meantime, consider the following ideas to inspire a happy and healthy organization.

Healthy diet

Eating smart helps improve immunity, mood, heart health, and more. Although you are what you eat, it’s important to encourage healthy eating with grace. Instead of pushing regimented diets, leaders can subsidize spending on healthy food and host healthy cooking classes.

Drinking water

Drinking water helps improve hydration, relieve headaches, and more. However, many people don’t drink the recommended daily amount. To encourage employees to drink more water, supply high-quality water and company branded, reusable bottles.

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Corporate gifts & incentives

Workplace contests and competitions drive camaraderie and inspire achievements. To encourage team members to join wellness programs, organize fitness challenges. Additionally, employee incentives can motivate employees to exercise more, eat healthier, or sleep more. At the end of each friendly competition, celebrate participants and winners with recognition awards. This will add an element of fun to work.

Leadership awards

It’s difficult to stay motivated and to keep working on one’s health. For instance, most New Year’s Resolution fail by mid-February. However, regularly recognizing employees with leadership awards helps keep up momentum. Honoring the leaders in the office can also encourage others to step up so that they can be appreciated as well.

Virtual events for remote employees

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people work from home.  To include remote employees in workplace programs, consider hosting virtual events. For instance, a virtual awards ceremony can bring together your team members no matter where they’re based. Other virtual events include live-streaming workout sessions and organizing online speaking events for fitness experts.

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Team activities

Improving one’s health is often easier when doing it with someone else. By designing recognition programs for teams, individuals feel supported by their peers. Also, more people are encouraged to take part, and team awards can be presented. To make it really fun, consider putting together an office tournament.


There are lots of different kinds of exercise that appeal to different people and interests. For instance, the accounting manager may like hiking, while the new hire likes running. For workplace wellness, organizations should facilitate opportunities for employees to exercise. From supplying gym memberships to organizing yoga classes, there are many ways to support team members. Additionally, many companies like Cristaux give a wellness reimbursement to employees. This assistance helps cover costs and allows staff to choose how they want to get active.

Six components of a corporate wellness program

How to encourage corporate wellness for employees

Employee participation is essential to successful wellness initiatives. The best ways to drive motivation focus on challenging work, support, recognition, and culture. It’s important to ponder how an organization can help realize employee goals, wants, and needs. Also, consider how leadership can support mental health and stress management.

Wellness stipends

Stipends or bonuses help team members who need more financial support. These are ideal for staff members who want to improve their health but can’t afford to. This support can help cover costs of therapy, memberships, equipment, and more. However, an organization must be able to provide this opportunity for all employees. If stipends are not suitable, there are cost-effective solutions that could be a better fit.

Healthy snacks and meals

Often, people need an example of how to eat healthily to better understand and do it themselves. By supplying healthy snacks or catering for lunch, companies educate, inspire, and nurture their team. Also, this can make lifestyle changes less intimating, by enjoying a meal with others.

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Flexible schedules

Giving staff freedom to work when they want helps encourage them to exercise more and to take time for themselves. They can design a routine that works best for them and their mental health. It’s important to encourage employees to take days for mental health, to keep stress in check. Also, this increased trust helps build stronger workplace relationships. Flexibility allows more people to participate how they’d like and to show up as their best selves.

Company benefits

Well-structured wellness programs are some of the best company benefits. However, other benefits can help support employee health and well-being. For instance, paid time off helps team members avoid burnout and too much stress. Also, discounts for wellness brands can inspire staff to get out there and enjoy special opportunities. Benefits can largely support mental health by reliving financial stress and other issues.

Wellness newsletters

One of the easiest ways to get employees interested in health is by sharing related content with them. Many organizations send a regular newsletter to staff, so it’s quite easy to include wellness tips and opportunities. Also, consider shouting out staff for their health-related achievements. Team members can celebrate sobriety, weight loss, and achievements in their personal lives.

Different ways tp encourage employees for corporate wellness

Recognize employees with corporate wellness programs

Designed to support employees, corporate wellness empowers businesses to be the best they can be. Most importantly, health-focused programming can help build a resilient company culture. These initiatives can easily adapt to any team at any time, so now’s a great chance to start something new.

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