Plaque Materials: Metal, Wood, More

Samantha Mikos

Whether used for classic or contemporary concepts, plaque materials offer a wide array of interesting effects. From metal to wood to acrylic, there are countless options to inspire recognition programs. At Cristaux International, we strive to create innovative designs and to discover new ways to use different textures.

Shorty Impact Awards Acrylic Plaque

Types of Plaque Materials

The Cristaux team values excellence and invests in materials of the highest quality. From grade A optical crystal to Lucite acrylic, exceptional materials serve as the base for elevated plaques. By learning about the capabilities of different materials, clients can become inspired and brainstorm unique ideas.


Acrylic is an extremely versatile plastic. It can adopt different colors, transparencies, and shapes. To create a unique plaque, this material can bring diverse visions to life. For instance, acrylic can be molded into unconventional silhouettes. Also, clear acrylic can be used to create a transparent frame for a one-of-a-kind floating effect.

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Crystal is a strong and refined material. Although it’s not commonly used for trophy plaques, it can realize special and sophisticated concepts. It can be used on its own or with other materials. By using it to complement other textures, crystal can elevate an award without weighing it down too much.


To add an intriguing dimension to designs, metal offers a sleek effect. As a plaque material, it can be used to create a personalized background, nameplate, veneer, or medallions. With numerous finishes to choose from, creators can depend on metal to provide an element of refinement.


Wood brings an unparalleled natural character to any creation. This material can be used to create classic frames for award plaques. Also, wood can be covered by other materials like metal to provide a cost-effective solution for big and bold designs.

Mixed Media

Unconventional materials help any concept stand out. Examples include LED lights, leather, and ribbons. Additionally, 3D-printed resin pieces can be added to incorporate precise replicas of products, logos, and more. The sky is the limit. With diverse materials, plaques can reach new heights.

Ticketmaster Lightbox Plaque

Examples of Different Materials Together

The greatest recognition vendors find ways to use complementary materials to create layered and interesting plaques. The following examples use different materials and textures to fabricate custom creations. By looking at custom projects, clients can come up with new design ideas.

  • For IALD, we encase a personalized sheet of metal in clear acrylic to create a modern, framed plaque.
  • We used metal to create medallions that stood on top of a clear crystal plaque for Peterbilt‘s custom awards.
  • For clients like Emirates and Aon, we used wood and metal to complement one another.
  • By using a metal veneer and a QR code, we elevated unique plaques for GUDC.
  • For Ticketmaster, we created truly impressive plaques complete with LED lighting.

Browse our portfolio for more ideas for awards and plaques.

Black Wooden Plaque With Silver Metal Details

Premium Plaque Materials

Using premium materials helps recognition programs be the best they can be. When custom creations are made with the best materials, award recipients feel truly valued and special. Developing unique programs helps grow organizations and inspire sincere appreciation.

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