Customer Service Awards: Ideas, Wording

Samantha Mikos

We all have a story of bad customer service. However, there are countless workers who give it their all to provide an excellent experience for those they help. Customer service awards are reserved for these achievers. They work hard, accomplish milestones for businesses, and deserve meaningful recognition.

The Cristaux team does not underestimate the importance of excellent service. We are committed to supporting our clients so that they can carry out their programs and celebrate excellence and dedication. Every day, we maintain high standards to make sure every trophy and gift match the caliber of their outstanding recipients.

Crystal manufacturing building architecture award.

What Are Customer Service Awards?

Within the larger umbrella of service awards, customer service awards celebrate those who support customers, drive satisfaction, and maintain great business. These mementos inspire employees to achieve excellence in helping others. Awards can recognize individuals, teams, departments, or entire organizations.

There are many benefits to presenting customer service awards within a company. Any employee recognition program helps boost company morale. In doing so, employees work harder, and customers receive better service. Overall, recognition improves an organization inside and out.

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How to Choose Service Award Winners

When selecting award recipients, it’s important to be fair and to use specific criteria. This way, presenters have unbiased justification for their finalists and winners. Common criteria for customer service excellence include:

  • Timeliness when responding to customers
  • Respect and conscientiousness
  • Goes above and beyond expectations
  • Solves problems with confidence and tact
  • Resourcefulness
  • Team player
  • Leading customer satisfaction
  • Effectively addresses complaints

Crystal Codie Award Lifetime Achievement Gold

Customer Service Award Ideas

By looking at other award examples, it’s easy to get a clearer idea of one’s vision. After comparing other ideas, an organization can decide on the vision for its awards. To honor service rockstars, consider the following ideas for one-of-a-kind concepts.

1. Highlight Company Values

Using company values helps recognize great achievements, while communicating what’s important to a business. Company branded awards drive a healthy and positive workplace culture. Employees are inspired by the themes that unite them, while becoming motivated to seek recognition.

2. Make It Functional

Functional employee recognition awards are interactive and multipurpose. For example, staff members can receive medallions for each milestone they achieve in customer service. These pieces can then be added to a commemorative plaque. Creations like these create a fun and competitive atmosphere for any office.

Certification wall plaque metal and acrylic by Cristaux

3. Experiment with Materials

The most important rule for choosing materials is to choose something that fits the budget. However, the number of diverse materials there are to work with is often underestimated. Consider collaborating with a recognition vendor who can make interesting recommendations. They may suggest options that reflect a business’s character or ones that clients would never think of. For example, they may offer 3D-printed elements or different crystals.

4. Design Custom Packaging

When done well, award presentation elevates a recognition program. Custom packaging creates an immersive and unforgettable experience for recipients. For instance, a one-of-a-kind box can feature a company’s branding. Also, add-ons like thank-you notes and champagne flutes can convey gratitude and celebration.

Award Names and Wording

Choosing customer service award names can be difficult. However, it’s important to convey the meaning of the award, while having some fun. Example names include:

  • Customer Advocate
  • Outstanding Service
  • Service Allstar
  • Excellence in Service

Beyond the award name, it’s also essential to consider the wording or personalization. There is not much room for personalization, so any text or image on an award should be very important and work well with the design. For instance, an award can include the recipient’s name, award name, company name, company logo, and date. Other additions include an inspirational quote or picture.

Consider 50 other award names for employee recognition.

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Celebrate Service Superheroes

Customer service is a tough job to take on, so the people who make it look easy deserve the utmost appreciation. With thoughtful awards, recognition programs can make achievers feel truly valued and motivated to keep going. Excellent service calls for excellent awards.

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