Codie Awards
Case Study

Codie Awards

Sometimes called the Oscars of technological coding, the CODiE Awards are where pioneers of the software industry have been recognized for the past 30 years. This award program is where the coders of the world get to show off their best work. It is the only peer recognized awards program in the business and education technology industries.


Custom Awards


Crystal + Glass


Event Awards


The Challenge

For an event award that highlights the innovation in software, Cristaux was commissioned to elevate their design with a flair of intrigue. They also wanted to include an element of their notorious logo.


The Solution

The Cristaux designers got to work and crafted something that really brings out the brand identity. We used black and clear crystal, each cut at a 45 degree angle. To ensure that the recipient is truly appreciated, we created custom presentation boxes and applied branding to the top.

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