7 Remote Employee Recognition Ideas to Celebrate Your Team

Samantha Mikos

Workplaces are always evolving. From welcoming advanced technologies to encouraging more collaboration, the history of modern companies is full of change. Today, Millennial and Gen Z employees represent a growing portion of the workforce. With new challenges and new people, comes new ways of working. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and shifting lifestyles, remote work has grown immensely popular. This encourages organizations to develop new remote employee recognition programs.

At first glance, remote staff recognition may seem overwhelming. A business is just getting used to working virtually, but now it needs to learn how to recognize its team outside the traditional office. Like many companies, Cristaux International had to adapt to the new ways of employee recognition and appreciation. Since starting this effort, we’ve learned a lot and would like to share ideas with you.

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What Is Remote Employee Recognition?

Remote, or virtual, employee recognition is the practice of celebrating the achievements and skills of your team members who work from remote locations. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, a remote workforce becomes the new normal for professional environments. Due to this shift, executive teams and leaders must adapt their recognition programs to include virtual team members.

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Remote Recognition Benefits

The perks of remote employee appreciation are like that of traditional, in-person recognition. However, there are additional benefits that strengthen virtual teams. Consider the following.

  • Greater employee engagement and productivity
  • Increased employee retention
  • Improved connection and relationships between remote staff members
  • Greater positivity and well-being
  • Inspiration for others to achieve more

7 Remote Employee Recognition Ideas

Although it may be new and different, it’s important to fully commit to remote recognition programs. Why? Because recognition is essential to any team that wants to grow. How do you recognize employees in a remote environment?  If unsure about how or where to start, use one of the following ideas as the foundation for your program.

1. Virtual Awards Ceremony

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Award shows have been held in person for decades. However, that tradition has now been challenged. A virtual award ceremony can unite a team anywhere. Accompanied by custom awards, a night of formal, fun, and thoughtful recognition shows a team that their leaders care about them.

2. Personalized Gifts

Drop shipping, or split shipping, allows our clients to send packages to individual residences and offices. With a solution like this, it’s easy to send a customized package to each deserving employee. Also, a personal thank-you note makes a great addition to any gift.

3. Virtual Events with Prizes

Remote events give your staff the chance to reunite and reconnect from the comfort of their own offices. Furthermore, celebrations with games and prizes inspire team members to compete in a healthy work environment. Possible prizes include virtual, or electronic, gift cards and company swag.

4. Company Benefits

One way to reward a hard-working team is by giving them the best company benefitsThe most successful organizations match their capabilities with employee wishes. Also, it’s important to develop a culture that greatly values wellness. Popular benefits include paid time off, health insurance, and retirement plans.

5. Employee Incentive Programs

The best employee incentive programs focus on measurable accomplishments. For example, some organizations use online goal-tracking software to continually inspire employees. Furthermore, any program is elevated with company branded awards and gifts personally selected for your highest achievers.

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6. Online Acknowledgment

Online communication channels make day-to-day remote recognition possible. For example, businesses use internal email newsletters and messaging to thank and shout out employees and accomplishments. Additionally, team members can verbally recognize one another during virtual meetings.

7. Monetary and Promotional Incentives

Strong incentives motivate staff to achieve specific goals. Some employees are highly inspired by bonuses or promotions. For instance, remote work stipends could help team members improve their home offices.

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Recognition Made Possible for Any Team

Whether working for a small business or international corporation, all teams want to be recognized for their accomplishments and skills. Remote employee recognition allows workforces to maintain positivity and connection in an often-distant environment. The Cristaux team is eager to help you build out your program, with various solutions like our virtual showroom.

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