Case Study


The Association of Network Marketing Professionals (ANMP) is dedicated to supporting its members. It unites its group by supplying education, resources, and global connections. 

Crystal Star Statue Blue Silver Paint 002


The ANMP team came to us, wanting an award for those who completed their educational program. For this honor, they envisioned a medallion encased in Lucite, a specific type of acrylic. Knowing we could elevate this piece, we persuaded them to use crystal instead. It would be more cost-effective and deliver a higher-end product.

Crystal Star Statue Blue Silver Paint 003


Working with crystal, we deeply etched the top of the piece. We ensured the logo was bold and preciseWe then filled the base with a blue color to incorporate another element of the company brandLast, we crafted and foil-stamped branded presentation boxes to encase the crystal piece. We not only provided ANMP with a high-class award but an elevated experience.

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