Partnerships: Authenticity Impacts Custom Awards

Samantha Mikos

Authenticity is the cornerstone to every successful relationship. Whether it is a relationship with a friend, co-worker or a company vendor, intent matters because it gives a relationship a natural boost of sincerity. When designing custom awards, authenticity is of the utmost importance.

A sincere interaction is built from a sense of purpose and meaning and genuine relationships are built around seeing each sale as a partnership and less of a transaction.

Cristaux is a company that establishes and values authentic partnerships through all aspects of the business. Our partnerships are an investment, and therefore we move mountains to accommodate needs. We hold this type of business interaction with high regard because relationships extend beyond conventional worth. Relationships can make or break a business, but with authentic interactions, a business can exceed infinite potential.


It is important to be kind and respect each client no matter how big or small. By aligning with likeminded people that seek out partnerships rather than sales transactions, instead of a one-time sale, trust is built.

It is important that as a Cristaux team, we care for those that we work with. Not only does it make our jobs easier when we are intentional, but those we work with are more likely to enjoy working with us if we are our authentic selves. While genuine, authentic relationships have a high-touch appeal to them, a level of transparency also forms, allowing communication to flow with ease.


Encourage employees to be their best selves at work. Fostering a workplace that brings out the best in employees will reflect on customers and further solidify sincere partnerships.

Our employees are encouraged to be their best selves around all clientele. Whenever we bring on a new employee or run training programs, we encourage this genuine sense of self. We want everyone who interacts with members of Cristaux to feel as comfortable as they would talking with friends or family.

Trust is an vital component to our business model. When clients feel welcome, they’re more likely to return as a customer. Allowing clients to be themselves during initial interactions solidifies that sense of ease in the relationship. These strong relationships can lead to major breakthroughs when it comes to the progression of a company.


When working with partnerships instead of transactions, each party has each other’s back. There is a sense of camaraderie and comfort. It is important to have the client’s best interest in mind. If a relationship does not seem to be working, try switching up the account manager. When relationships are better matched, there is better chemistry and an enhanced mode of communication.

At Cristaux, there is meaning behind every encounter. We are a company that pushes the boundaries on what is classified as a transaction. Not only are our employees encouraged to be their authentic, best self, but clients and vendors feel comfortable with the genuine interaction. At the end of the day, authenticity allows clients to feel more than a sales transaction; they are a partner and a possible friend.