Premium Awards: Why They’re Worth the Investment

Samantha Mikos

A hefty price tag can often deter us from buying something, but it is usually a testament to the value of a product or service. Premium awards are not an exception to this idea. Top-shelf trophies and recognition pieces typically fit flexible budgets and offer plenty of benefits. At Cristaux International, we’re in the business of developing recognition that matters and creating designs of great substance.


What Are Premium Awards?

Premium awards are made from the highest quality materials and realize unique and custom designs. These pieces feature fine finishing touches and make possible unforgettable experiences for recipients. Perhaps most telling, premium options often come with exemplary customer service.

Benefits of Premium Awards

Big costs aren’t for nothing. Like premium subscriptions, the finest awards have more to offer.

  • Long-lasting pieces that don’t yellow or deteriorate
  • One-of-a-kind designs
  • Impressive for recipients and audiences
  • Excellent service
  • Life made easier

Custom Marble Crystal Number 50 Workplace Award

How to Get the Most Out of Your Premium Program

A top-notch recognition program isn’t just about the award, gift, or trophy. The special details and processes that go into its creation cannot go unnoticed.

Creative Design

A striking showpiece all starts with an innovative design. A dedicated and creative design team will help you realize your vision for your recognition project or program. They have expertise in materials, production methods, and much more to support their design concepts.

Award Presentation

To elevate a custom award, you can present it in a unique way. Company branded presentation boxes and insertions create an immersive experience for your recipients. You can include thank-you notes, company swag, and more.

Black Crystal Award With Digitally Printed Details And Black Presentation Box

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping, or split shipping, allows you to send recognition pieces to the personal homes and offices of recipients. This service saves you time and headaches because your recognition partner takes care of everything. Drop shipping is particularly helpful when distributing awards for virtual events which are becoming more popular. This is a premium solution because it makes your life easier.

Microsite Management

Once your recognition program or event has ended, recipients may need to order awards and other pieces. Microsite management can offer an easy solution for honorees to submit orders. Plus, this may be managed by your recognition vendor. You don’t have to lift a finger to fulfil any of these requests.

White Glove Services

To exceed the highest expectations, you can look to white glove services to make your recognition event unlike any other. Your recognition vendor may provide studio photography, videography, and on-site engraving. Step up your recognition program with these premium options.

Recognition at Its Finest

Premium awards show people that you take recognition and appreciation seriously. However, the award is just the start of a premium experience. The Cristaux team is committed to modernizing recognition and to helping create truly special memories for deserving people.

Contact Cristaux to start designing your custom awards today.