Modernize Recognition: Not Just Custom Awards

Samantha Mikos

Recognition is like a chameleon, continuously and expertly shifting to take shape of moments that acknowledge, celebrate and inspire value. Not only does recognition indicate an air of acceptance, but furthermore, it ignites an array of positive emotions through a deep sense of appreciation.

Recognition appears during the celebration of a relationship with a long withstanding vendor who continuously goes above and beyond for your partnership and business.   

It can come in the form of admission, with carefully but calculated branding that is displayed throughout storefronts of some of the most popular retailers.  

It sits on an office windowsill, manifested as a sales achievement award that took years of hard work and sleepless nights but which now commands awareness and respect.   

Recognition portrays the concept of acknowledgement and the remembrance of value. Until recent years, acts of recognition have been poorly executed all over the world.   

We experience this with the commodity-stricken, childhood sports trophies that fail to depict originality and end up placed on a shelf to collect dust for years to come. You can hear it at the annual sales conference when the presented awards are devoid of emotion and stripped bare of intentionality. We feel it when we walk into high-end retail shops, immediately met by security guards and cameras that invoke a sense of product superiority but subsequently give off a cold, hostile impression. Our shopping experience continues to diminish through viewing products on display behind a glass countertops, a symbolic vault, uninviting and lacking distinctive branding.  


The pastime of commodifying recognition is going out the window. In comes a new wave of design and creation: recognition that sparks emotion, a type of bold acknowledgement declaring that not only is someone or something appreciated, but they are of value. This redefined force of recognition represents the essence of the person, place or thing that it honors because recognition knows no bounds.

This is how we modernize recognition. This is what every recognition company must exhibit in their work. It is these words that all employees at Cristaux live by.  

Cristaux is a creative company that is full of purposefully, unrestrictive designers. Your stories do not simply end with us manufacturing a product that will suit your needs. By virtue of strategic partnerships with exceptional vendors, your stories live on through each individually crafted piece. Every vendor provides an essential component that is necessary to complete each project. Together, we ensure that we capture those powerful moments of recognition, from design conception all the way to delivery.


This is our personal commitment that can only mean one thing: the custom awards and designs that we create and manufacture at Cristaux demonstrate a craftsmanship that goes beyond prestige.

It is because of this that our standard is exceptional. We resent mediocracy, but we also push boundaries to assure that we uphold the quality of each design. If there is no known solution, we will manufacture our own. From designing new technologies to sourcing unique materials, our innovative team develops concepts that portray an unmatched level of expertise and authenticity, bar none. 

At Cristaux, we are more than just an award company. We’re excellence, and we’re modernizing recognition.