Guide to Cristaux’s Invoice Reconciliation

Samantha Mikos

When completing a recognition program’s billing process, it’s important to review an invoice with a fine-tooth comb. However, this task may seem daunting if invoices are difficult to read and comprehend. It may seem easier to withhold one’s questions or concerns. A trustworthy recognition vendor would simplify quoting and invoicing for clients. At Cristaux, we greatly value clarity and take pride in superior invoice reconciliation. We aim to be as transparent as possible with our customers. With tips and guidance, any client can confidently complete billing and get the most of their recognition program.

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Transparent Reconciliation

Clear communication is essential to our processes and client relationships. For instance, we have no hidden fees and use simple and organized formatting for invoices. Our customers know exactly what charges there are and how much each one is. Everything is broken down and corresponds with the shipping information we provide our clients.

Overall, this clarity lends to better experiences for recipients. Everything we do is exact and precise. For example, we don’t make up fees because we prioritize our clients and relations.

Steps of our Invoice Reconciliation

Due to the custom nature of our creation process, we follow purposeful steps to realize one-of-a-kind recognition programs. The following phase of our process pertains to billing.

  1. We provide a confirmation of a sales order. The client sees everything quoted and what will be billed, except shipping costs and sales tax which are added later.
  2. Clients can dispute charges if necessary. If we make any mistakes on our end, then we will work hard for our customers and will correct it.
  3. We provide a final quote and shipping information. Clients receive an ultimate invoice including highly detailed shipping information.

Cristaux branded shipping boxes being loaded into FedEx truck for Drop Ship

Things to Know about Reconciliation

When reviewing invoices and working with award vendors, it helps to know some tips ahead of time. Consider how different factors may impact one’s budget.

  • Consider different international tax laws. Sometimes, extra charges are applied to comply with other jurisdictions.
  • Anticipate new charges from customs, when shipping internationally. Once recognition pieces are shipped to global destinations, they are sent through customs. At this time, customs may send new charges to us, that we then send to clients. We tackle this after sending the initial invoice because different locations may require different costs.
  • Voice concerns. Although we work hard to provide precise billing, human error can sneak in. Feel free to question discrepancies and points of confusions.

Other Solutions

Our team believes that each client is different and, thus, deserves personalized solutions. We are in the business of creating unique experiences for diverse organizations, so we treat our clients like individuals with different needs and goals. The following solutions further help our customers succeed.

Shipping Information

Alongside invoices, our team provides thorough shipping information. These documents allow clients to track separate shipments, addresses, and costs. With our propriety drop shipping solution, we can send individual creations to personal addresses. Also, we ship parcels around the world, so this tracking information is crucial for order fulfillment. Additionally, we can send award recipients individualized tracking information for their exact pieces.

Why is the relationship between shipping and invoicing important? At Cristaux, we work hard to be incredibly transparent with our clients. We collect thorough shipping information to easily identify shipping costs and to develop detailed invoices. By collaborating with different cost centers throughout the USA and world, we can use exact addresses to illustrate a clear picture of costs. This is crucial for our clients and another way we support their recognition programs.

Click-to-pay Invoicing

We help our clients create digital accounts. Through this account, they can review all of their invoices and balances. Also, they can pay easily and with the click of a button. With solutions like these, we strive to simplify our processes and make life easy for our customers.

Invoicing Streamlined

The billing process doesn’t need to be complicated for recognition programs. Also, business leaders and organizations have greater things to focus on than stressing over a flawed invoice. That’s why we are committed to providing seamless invoice reconciliation. It’s the least our clients deserve.

Contact Cristaux to learn more about our solutions that make recognition programs easier to fulfil.