Spirit of the Games
Case Study

Spirit of the Games

Since 2007, CrossFit’s Spirit of the Games Award has been given to those who capture the organization’s values during competitions.


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Crossfit Games 2022 Spirit Of The Games Flame 02


The CrossFit team asked us to create an award to honor good sportsmanship. They envisioned a design inspired by a large torch. Also, we had to make sure that this piece stood out because we were only making one.

Crossfit Games 2022 Spirit Of The Games Flame 03


For the coveted piece, we recreated a torch from acrylic and metal. The flame was cut from acrylic, and the handle was machined from aluminum. To personalize the piece, we couldn’t use screen printing because of the curved surfaces. Instead, we etched and color filled the CrossFit logo and other details.

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