Side Inc. Service Awards
Case Study

Side Inc. Service Awards

Side Inc. is a brokerage that supports real estate agents.

Side Inc Acrylic House Key Chain Holder 02


The Side Inc. team collaborated with us to create an employee recognition program. They envisioned years of service awards with a functional element. They wanted something recipients could interact with.

Side Inc Acrylic House Key Chain Holder 03


After collaborative brainstorming, we landed on the idea of creating plaques for each employee’s office or cubicle. For every year with the company, staff members would receive another key to hang on their awards. We used black and white acrylic to craft these pieces.

In recent years, we’ve noticed a rising interest in functional awards. People want to be recognized, and interactive pieces like these present a great opportunity for companies to showcase their culture in a fun and innovative way. Purpose, design, and functionality can coexist and create truly meaningful pieces.

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