Microsite Management FAQs

Samantha Mikos

At Cristaux International, we are always looking for new ways to advance recognition programs. One of our proprietary solutions is our microsite management. Our team worked hard to make this tool possible so that clients and organizations could simplify their programs and logistics.

Through every part of our business, we uphold transparency, so we’d like to walk through our most frequently asked questions about microsites. What are they? How can they help brand awareness? How can clients receive commissions? The following questions will help provide answers and inform the best decisions for recognition programs.

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Microsite Management Basics

Before jumping into added benefits and perks, it’s important to understand the fundamental elements of microsites. This tool can help organize the award reordering process and drive brand awareness. Ultimately, it takes recognition programs to the next level.

1. What is a Cristaux microsite?

A Cristaux microsite is a website dedicated to program award reorders and management. Whether used for internal or external programs, a microsite has many benefits.

  • Build brand awareness
  • Drive future sales
  • Solve order fulfillment headaches
  • Trust Cristaux to handle packaging and shipping

2. Does my program qualify for microsite management?

Microsite management works best if you have an award reorder system currently in place or if you’d like to grow revenue from reordering. Each microsite is customized and tailored to the needs of each client and program. Please contact your account manager for more information.

3. How do you handle the reorder process?

On our end, we receive the approved personalization from our Art department. This includes the information that will be displayed on the award. When completing a reorder on a microsite, each customer will select the personalization they want and complete the check-out process. For some programs, all the information is decided for each recipient. For others, they may be able to customize it.

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4. How long does it take to create a microsite?

We take between 10 and 20 business days to create a microsite. If your program requires studio photography of your recognition pieces, then we will need to secure a finished sample piece before completing your microsite.

5. Can I include my microsite in my website domain?

No, Cristaux International’s microsites work as a third party and use their own domain name. However, you can link to your microsite from your website.

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Branding and Customization

The strongest recognition programs are branded and customized for the client. They tell a story by using logos, slogans, company values, and more. A microsite is another asset for organizations to extend their brand.

6. Can my microsite be branded?

Of course! Your microsite can include recipient details, how one may be honored with an award, and other information you wish to promote. Ultimately, we want to share your program’s story to grow your brand awareness and reorder success.


7. What do I need to set up a microsite?

After agreeing to the microsite, we will provide you with an outline explaining what is needed from you. You will need to share branding guidelines, a Png-formatted logo, and specific program verbiage to complete the customization for your microsite.

8. How do I update my microsite’s branding?

Every quarter, we will call you and check in on the status of your microsite. During these regular conversations, we will review branding guidelines, updated logos, data analysis, and other metrics we discussed in preliminary conversations.

9. How do I submit my personalization?

Your account manager will provide you with a template to complete your personalization. We ask that you please not alter the template’s format. After you submit your completed template, we will analyze and update your personalization within 3 to 5 business days.

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10. How much of each award can be personalized?

An award’s personalization depends on your program’s needs. Certain fields can be customized. Your account manager can help you decide which lines can be personalized.

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Fulfillment and Shipping

Recognition programs that are managed well make clients and recipients happy. Cristaux team members support every microsite by managing and completing all orders. From the initial intake to the parcel’s arrival, our people and tools will ensure excellent fulfillment.

11. Where do products ship from?

Products ship from Elk Grove Village, Illinois, USA.

12. What is the typical turnaround for a reorder?

A reorder’s typical turnaround time ranges from 6 to 8 weeks (about 2 months) after the order is placed.

13. How do you track orders?

Order tracking will be shared directly with the recipient who placed the order.

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14. Do I need to cover the cost of inventory upfront?

An inventory agreement may be needed before we create your microsite. This depends on your program’s needs and the volume of reorders. Please contact your account manager to find out how this may affect your program.

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Commissions and Support

Clients with microsites can collect commissions from their award reorders. In addition to Cristaux’s ongoing support, this perk is extremely valuable. It inspires growth for recognition programs.

15. How does the Cristaux team support my microsite?

First, we conduct quarterly check-ins to review your microsite and any required updates. Additionally, we provide daily support for all your reordering needs.

16. How does a commission get paid out?

Your commission can be structured quarterly, biannually, or annually. It depends on your program’s needs.

17. How does the commissions process work?

We typically send commission checks twice a year. Review the chart below to learn more about our commission structure and rates.

18. What type of data can I expect to see?

We can provide insights on almost any metric you wish to track within reordering. For instance, we can monitor sales per month. This way, you can measure how well your awareness campaigns work, which recipients buy the most reorders, and more. We will tailor your reporting to suit your needs.

Logistics Elevated

Microsite management is a powerful and ideal tool for those looking to simplify and grow their recognition programs. It can be branded and custom-made for each client. After years in the world of recognition, we’ve learned that the best programs are well organized and made easier for all involved.

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