How The Art Proof Process Has Grown

Samantha Mikos

Amongst the many interesting components of manufacturing is the evolution of change. While we at Cristaux adapt to the growing marketplace and the desires of our clients, there is a never-ending influx of new machinery and advancements in material capabilities.

With this comes the need to adjust all quality systems in place. This way, we ensure our standards stay high. In doing so, we must update our procedures and processes to balance the effect that the evolution of manufacturing has.

As we continue to perfect our processes, we have taken the initiative to advance our art proofing procedure. Although it may be a bit different than traditional methods, we promise, it is more effective for many reasons.


1. Accuracy Improves

Traditionally, during the proofing stage, the probability for errors increases tenfold. This is because the common process that a lot of recognition manufacturers lean on for their art proofing is manual. Whether a name is typed in wrong or a recipient award title is misspelled, the opportunity for errors is boundless.

With the software that Cristaux uses, we avoid internal errors altogether. Each piece that we manufacture has personalization control. Whatever information a client submits to us is what we transfer to the actual piece.

By doing so, we execute each recognition order with the utmost accuracy. This allows for expedited orders and faster turnaround times. Quality is upheld and the final pieces won’t have to be reworked, leading to better efficiency overall.


2. Efficiency Increases

Although it is customary for Cristaux clients to receive their art proofs within 48 hours, that is not always the case with other recognition manufacturers.

With our art proofing software, we guarantee that each art proof will be in the client’s hands within two days. This process saves half the time when making production files. The turnaround time will increase because we complete approvals earlier, helping achieve quicker in-hands dates.

Oftentimes, multiple individuals of an organization are a part of the approval process. With our art proofing software, any changes or adjustments can be expedited without compromising in-hands dates.

On the other hand, projects will move through multiple departments at Cristaux as well. The expedited proofing process will give ample time to make sure all the details are in order before reaching the production floor. Meanwhile, when we do not rush orders, we continuously meet our high standards of quality.


3. Solutions Become Seamless

When using Cristaux’s expedited art proofing process, integration for microsites and logistics are made easy. Everything is linked within our data entries because we archive everything. If someone has a reorder it is easy for us to extract that one name and send it into production immediately.

These data archives are helpful with drop shipping. Where there once was chaos in name matching, there is now a code for each name that links to a specific production file. We use these labels to match shipping.

While this is not the conventional approach to a common recognition art proof, it is important to communicate with your designers to better understand this process. We adjust our systems like the art proof process to better help both the client and internal effectiveness, but it may take some time for new clients to become familiar with it.

There can be comfort found in the fact that if there are any discrepancies, our team of expert graphic designers will communicate that before anything runs through production.


Check out the other ways in which we evolve our processes to satisfy our customers. Connect with a team member today to hear more about how we focus on building your brand growth.