The Seven Most Bizarre Trophies on the Planet

Lauren Deegan

The European Cup, Heisman Trophy and Stanley Cup are some of the world’s most well-known, iconic and well-designed awards. They’re bold while speaking to accomplishment, and they’re prized by athletes. Not all professional sports awards are quite so elegant, though. 

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7 Very Unique Trophies

Consider these seven oddities, which we think are some of the most intriguing in the world of sports.

The Jug with the Sharpest Spout

The winner of the British Open in golf receives the Claret Jug, an elegant silver custom trophy. This award is outdone, though, by the trophy for the winner of the Dubai Desert Classic. That golfer hauls in a massive silver jug complete with a fearfully sharp-looking spout. A truly imposing design, this trophy is longer than the torsos of many of its winners.

A Brick for the Winner

OK, it’s not a brick. It’s a cobblestone on a small pedestal, and it’s the award for cycling’s Paris-Roubaix race. The French race is notorious for an incredibly difficult cobblestone section, which is the inspiration for this unique trophy. The trophy award stands as a reminder that the adage no pain, no gain is entirely true where this race is concerned.

It’s a Tiger, Really

The Chevron World Challenge, hosted by Tiger Woods, boasts a trophy that really speaks to its host. That’s because this sizable piece features a tiger cub with its paw upon a golf ball. Naturally, the golf ball isn’t just a golf ball. It’s also a globe, and it’s being dominated by the tiger. Color commentators speculate that Tiger himself probably loves the design.

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Those World-Renowned Mexican Pears

Maybe you’ve never had a delicious, golden pear from Mexico, but Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer have. That’s because they’ve both won the Acapulco Open and taken home that tournament’s trophy. It’s no less than a glistening Mexican pear decorated in a traditional pattern, complete with half of a golden tennis ball.

…and Those Gigantic Mexican Tennis Balls

If you win the women’s division in Acapulco, you won’t receive a big, sparkly pear. However, you will receive a metallic tennis ball larger than your own head situated on a wooden base. At the very least, there’s definitely no confusion regarding what this trophy is about.

Putting the Candy on the Trophy

It’s a good thing when the winner of the BNP Paribas Masters likes black licorice, because that’s exactly what this trophy looks like. Also known as the Paris Masters, this is one of the most prestigious events in the world of tennis. It seems to follow that the winner should be awarded a sweet prize like a selection of licorice sticks. The old trophy for the tournament looked like an abstract rendition of a tree, suggesting that this is one tennis event that loves a bizarre trophy.

When an Urn Will Do

Admittedly, giving an urn away as a sports trophy seems a bit odd, and it gets even weirder when you consider that there are actually ashes inside that urn. That’s the case with The Ashes, a trophy awarded to the winner of a biannual cricket tournament between Australian and English teams. It contains the ashes of a burnt cricket bail and dates to the late 1800s.

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Unique Designs Need Sophistication

Trophies might be all about personal taste, but there’s no doubt that a truly bizarre trophy can attract more attention than its winner. It’s a shame when accomplishments are outweighed by oddities. The designers at Cristaux International work hard to avoid being too bizarre, while still creating the most stunning designs around. After all, there’s a big difference between abstract and just plain strange.

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