Case Study


Connecting more than 1 billion people to new music and media through data recognition, Shazam is a mobile app with a creative team always seeking to innovative and delight their ever expanding user base.


Custom Awards


Crystal + Glass


The Challenge

With a constantly growing database of tags to recognize, it was clear that certain artists and media were being recognized heavily. To recognize these artists and promote the platform, Shazam imagined the idea to mark the top “15 Million+ Most Shazamed Artists.”


The Solution

In an industry familiar with award recognition, the object had to stand out. Shazam commissioned Cristaux to design and manufacture a custom object for this exceptional milestone. Reflecting the brand’s interactive circle within the app, the Cristaux team utilized Grade A Optical Crystal to achieve the illusion of movement and light. After an intensive research and development process, perfect concentric circles were created via hand cut to deliver the smoothest surface, foregoing the standard use of a CNC machine. The result is a seamless, sleek object worthy of the accomplishment.

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