Case Study

The Marines

The United States Marine Corps wanted a line of special awards to commemorate some of the brave men and women who serve this country.

Bomb Replica Made Of Black And Clear Red Crystal 001

The Challenge

The biggest challenge with this project was trying to come up with something that captures the marine spirit and simultaneously embodies class and elegance. Since we created the Marines Spartan Warrior statue, we had to think a bit differently. We ultimately picked out a few themes and got clearance to test out some ideas around the concept of bombs.


The Solution

In order to animate the bomb a bit more, we used a traditional bomb with a wick as inspiration. We waterjet a replica on the top of the bombs to emanate a similar appeal.

The Cristaux team created additional awards based off mortar bombs, and reconstructed those out of black and clear crystal. These bombs weighed close to 20 pounds and had recipient personalization effects on the bottom base.

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