Communication Arts
Case Study

Communication Arts

Founded in 1959, Communication Arts is a leading trade magazine dedicated to supporting visual communication professionals by providing them with ideas and inspiration.


Custom Awards



Communication Arts Metal Wedge Excellence Award 02


The Communication Arts team came to us, looking for custom awards for their annual recognition program. First and foremost, the client wanted a cost-effective design while still looking refined and modern. We would ensure their recipients felt accomplished and truly honored.

Communication Arts Metal Wedge Excellence Award 03


For a sleek design, we chose to work with metal. However, this material can be expensive, so we had to figure out how to make the most of it. In the end, we cut the pieces from square blocks, at 45-degree angles. With great precision and accuracy, we managed to use all the metal, had no scraps, and got the client the best bang for their buck.

For a simple yet sophisticated concept, we brushed the front and back of the awards and polished the sides. Despite the difficulty to prevent the polish from bleeding, our skilled team produced a subtle and tasteful contrast. Last, we digitally printed white ink onto the front to feature recipient and branding details. Because the ink better adheres to brushed metal, the personalization looked extremely clean and striking.

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