Best Chef Crystal Award
Case Study

Best Chef Crystal Award

As a way to celebrate the top chefs around the world, The Best Chef Awards honor top talent and great food through an annual event show.


Custom Awards


Crystal + Glass


Event Awards

Best Chef Crystal Award 02


For these awards, we got to work designing a piece that was elegant but not over complicated. The design for this award is simple and classy, a way to encourage and promote the achievements of chefs throughout the world.

Best Chef Crystal Award 03


As an ongoing partnership with the Best Chef awards, we sponsor these crystal pieces for their event awards. They are designed to be a thick, starburst type of recognition piece, with a sand etched and color filled personalization effect. 

Although a major part of our lives, many hospitality industry awards are not truly substantial. Similar to our with with the James Beard Foundation, we aimed to elevate the food industry’s awards into something distinguished and honorable.

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