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Recognition with Intention for Ambitious Companies


Driven to Reward Your Sales Warriors

The best salespeople are ambitious. They’re dedicated. They’re hungry. And when they do something extraordinary, they demand to be rewarded and recognized. Meeting that demand can generate true loyalty. In a field filled with turnover, recognizing work is key to your continued brand growth. Genuine recognition doesn’t happen at the last second. It must be designed with intent.

Strengthen your culture. Grow your brand. Reward and inspire greatness.

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Attract Top Talent

Talented salespeople know what they’re worth. They know the difference between being handed a plaque and truly being recognized. They know which company they’d rather give their blood, sweat, and tears for.

Word of an exceptional sales recognition awards program gets around. Be the company the best people talk about. Be the company they demand to work for.

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Inspire Your Team To push Harder

What do the best salespeople feel when they see someone else holding a sales award? (ENVY/DESIRE). They want to have that beautiful piece in their hands. They want to hang onto it for as long as possible. When you show people that you truly value their work, they work even harder to get it. You don’t just give an award: you fuel ambition.

Inspired Individuals drive Organizational Excellence

Sales awards recognize individuals and teams, but those are just parts of the whole structure. When everyone burns to be the best and works toward shared goals, your business gets stronger. Your organization is transformed.

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Grow Corporate Earning

Attracting the best salespeople and inspiring the whole team means bringing in more revenue year after year. Everyone works together. Everyone wins together.

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Drive Brand Growth

Company-branded recognition programs are a seamless part of your identity. Bold brands attract bold salespeople. Show the world you take pride in who you are.

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Increase Shareholder Value

Whether you are public or private, the people with a stake in the company are rewarded with more earnings, making the entire company even stronger.

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Custom Creations That Match Your Commitment

You have unique people. They’ve exceeded unique expectations. We’ll match that hard work, care, and commitment to craft with unique, custom-made awards.

Don’t settle for off-the-shelf. Create something that matches your vision, your culture, and your drive.

Custom Sales Awards: The Value Behind The Numbers

Your best salespeople aren’t spreadsheets. Reward their hard work with something that has value. Let’s craft an award that celebrates your culture.

Build your culture with Cristaux