Pop Tarts

Code NameKellogg; Internal Recognition Program

MediumMetal Alloy

Multinational food manufacturing company Kellogg's is known for bringing their "Best to the World", and their commitment to their internal team is no exception. Dedicated to doing business the right way, Kellogg's seeks to recognize and foster greatness within their company.

Metal Award
The Challenge
A company of promise and possibilities, Kellogg's was in search of a recognition program that would commemorate their top sales people over a quarterly basis while reflecting their brand authentically. The award would need to be tailored to the company's corporate identity, and a replica of the recognition piece would need to be created to present to each individual employee.
Metal Award
The Solution
Cast from resin and designed in a 3D format, the unique representation of the well-known and loved Pop Tart brand is then then electroplated it in gold to truly make the brand, and the individual, shine with recognition and significance.
Metal Award