Code NameInspiring Recognition


Raising the bar for leadership, LEAD is a unique two-day leadership event devoted to inspiring individuals worldwide. LEAD’s mission to assist individuals in HR by providing insights as well as tools to be a better leader within the world, culminates in this exhilarating and exciting event.

The Challenge
Bringing together SVPs, VPs and CLOs at the most exhilarating and rewarding event of the year, LEAD aims to create a world inspired. With the goal of all attendees walking away from the event ready to take measurable action that will impact the lives of those they lead, the executive team for the event partnered with Cristaux to realize their goal of awarding the most inspiring individuals in their industry.
The Solution
Tasked with re-creating the existing award, the Cristaux team sketched dimensions from an image of the award. With exacting standards, the CX team researched, drafted, and produced the exact replica of the award down to logos and color matches to perfectly reflect the organization and align with their goals.