Code NameIAB MIXX; International Awards Program


Empowering media and marketing industries to thrive in the digital economy, the The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) annually celebrates, highlights and honors the most creative digital work and best-in-class campaigns through the IAB MIXX Awards.

Cusrtom Metal Award
The Challenge
In search of a strategic implementation to improve the overall quality and fulfillment of their awards program, The Interactive Advertising Bureau engaged Cristaux in a collaborative process. After critically assessing the existing program, the Cristaux team identified elements of the current award that could be optimized and updated for quality control and visual appeal.
Cusrtom Metal Award
The Solution
In addition to heightening overall production value, the old method of spray painting was revised in favor of powder coating via a production partner who also manages finishing for the global brand Harley Davidson. The end result not only streamlines the production process but delivers a more sleek, finished object of recognition - fitting the award-winning work that is honored and inspired by IAB.
Cusrtom Metal Award