Fan Duel

Code NameFan Duel, Gold Bat

MediumAluminum Alloy

Focused on changing the game in fantasy sports, Fan Duel is the the driving force in a multibillion-dollar industry. The premiere web-based fantasy sports game with 6 million registered users, FanDuel is now the fastest growing daily fantasy sports company in the daily fantasy sports industry.

Metal Award
The Challenge
Quickly becoming the largest player in the daily fantasy sports domain, the founders of Fan Duel sought to elevate their fan experience. The top participants on their site are treated to exclusive events that can only be described as legendary, and the awards presented were to be no exception.
Metal Award
The Solution
At Cristaux, we love that every Fan Duel competition has a winner. That's why we've custom designed and produced some of the most unique, elaborate trophies that the company has ever awarded to its winners. For the Gold Bat, the utmost attention to detail was put into producing a bat electroplated in gold, made with aluminum alloy. The bat was replicated to scale and features a custom gold color that would reflect the prestige and stature of the Fan Duel brand.
Metal Award