Cristaux, Stormy Awards

Code NameCristaux, Stormy Awards; Recognition Program

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Setting the standard for recognition initiatives worldwide - Cristaux has been asked by clients, friends and even competitors: "how does a recognition company recognize it's own people?" The answer was not as easy to come up with as one might expect. A true case of the shoemaker without shoes.

Porcelan Award
The Challenge
The question remained - "how does a company who lives, breathes and creates recognition - implement an on brand strategy for their own team?" Going about daily tasks, with the query still in mind - Chief Creative Officer Andre Janus began bringing his French Bulldog puppy Stormy into the office. Immediately there was shift. Almost overnight, a palpable change in culture was felt, and it seemed the whole company, clients included, became dog lovers and the energy was infectious. As Cristaux grew, opening new locations - Stormy was there - and inevitably, the happiness would follow.
Porcelan Award
The Solution
Stormy's impact on the culture and success of Cristaux is no small feat, and the team knew that should be recognized. Strategizing again on the idea of Cristaux’s own recognition program - the "Stormies" were born. A beacon of positivity - the Stormies and aligning program signify change, growth, accomplishment and connection. In developing the internal program, the award's form itself will remain, with the finish updating year over year. The design itself has become a collaborative endeavor, with designers competing internally to innovate concepts that symbolize significant events and meaning from the relevant year. Employees are proud to be creatively, professionally and personally connected to their "Stormies" based on their experiences with the actual "Stormy".
Porcelan Award