Carnival Cruise Ship

Code NameCarnival Cruise; Internal Promotional Product

MediumOptic Crystal

Known as "The World's Most Popular Cruise Line" - Carnival cruises carry millions of excited passengers each year. For many, it's a trip of a lifetime - and one to remember.

Crystal Ship
The Challenge
Understanding the importance of recognizing their travelers elation upon embarking on a cruise, Carnival wanted an in-room promotional memento for guests to take home, allowing them to carry on their memories of the trip for years to come.
Crystal Ship
The Solution
Placed in each room, guests are greeted with a cruise ship replica scaled to the exacting proportions of the actual cruise liner they are sailing on. Packaged in a custom presentation box, the Carnival brand is strongly represented, incorporating the brands identity. In addition to displaying the mementos, guests have snapped photos while onboard, posting to social media to share the well appreciated gift, and their trip - with friends and family.
Crystal Ship