Code NameAOL; Technology of the Year Award

MediumCrystal + Aluminum

Tech veteran AOL Inc., now a subsidiary of Verizon Communications earned their reputation as one of the the most recognized brands on the web within the United States. As innovators themselves, AOL has annually recognized the best and most innovative companies in the world with the Technology of the Year Award, presented at Detroit’s Annual Car and Auto Show.

Custom Crystal Award
The Challenge
Encouraging their history of encouraging young minds, AOL worked with a design school to engage students by submitting their designs for this award. With over 500 students competing to have their creative design concept realized. Upon selecting a winning student design, AOL reached out to almost 30 companies to produce the award before identifying Cristaux as their ideal partner.
Custom Crystal Award
The Solution
Making the students vision into reality, the concept predicated around a rotating tire moving forward/spinning, in effect - "burning rubber". Over 300 hours went into the casting and hand-cutting process to perfect the tire formation. From sketch to tooling all the way to machinery - the Cristaux team leveraged all the technology necessary to bring this award to reality.
Sitting on a nickel-plated custom machined aluminum base, the finished piece reflects a true feat of craftsmanship and collaboration.
Custom Crystal Award