Sports Industry

It's true that there's nothing like the glory and honor of winning the premier sporting competition in a given league, but those feelings of accomplishment and success aren't all that's at stake in the world of sports. Awards, trophies and impressive statues are considered part and parcel in sports at every level from the amateur to the professional. If you've been tasked with finding a partner to work with you to design a sports award or statue, you've been tasked with a serious responsibility.

After all, the awards you present are meant to capture the power of an athletic accomplishment or importance of a major figure in your sport. It's simply an insult if the award you give out is poorly designed or built. There is no other industry where awards are as ubiquitous or as recognizable as they are in semi-professional and pro sports. Here at Cristaux International, we believe that means testing our limits and creating the most innovative and striking awards and statues out there.

When you work with us, there's no risk that your big-time award will look like a little league trophy. We believe that nothing is more important than understanding and capturing the spirit of the accomplishment that you're honoring and putting it into a tangible form.

Our diverse manufacturing and finishing capabilities mean that we can create high-quality items that incorporate team identifiers and communicate the fun, energetic spirit of the sporting world too. There are really no limits when it comes to what we can do for promotional items. We've mastered working with materials ranging from glass to leather to wood to metal, and we're able to capture the elemental spirit of your sport in every promo product we make.

At Cristaux International, we love working with sports teams, leagues and organizations because we believe there's nothing more vital in life than competition. It's what makes us grow stronger and more sophisticated as a company, and it's what drives the most amazing accomplishments in sports too. We're proud to be your partner in translating the lively, competitive spirit of your sport into concrete awards, statues, lapel pins and promotional products.

If you're recognizing a serious accomplishment, we're bringing serious game to the table. Whether it's an all-silver orb or statue that captures grace in motion, we work with you to make sure that your design reflects the spirit of your organization as well as the accomplishment that it honors.

Of course, what we do goes beyond awards and statues. We're also here to craft lapel pins and promotional items that speak to the very best of your team, league or organization. Like Spud Webb and Diego Maradona, lapel pins strike a small profile but can make a big impact on your organization. Here at Cristaux, we love making lapel pins that are creative yet classic. Our design team can incorporate your team colors, mascot and other essential club identifiers into an aesthetically pleasing lapel pin. Whether you're ordering a small run of pins to celebrate a major victory or want to make a stylish pin available to your biggest fans, we're here to create a winning design.