Non-profit organizations are dedicated to making our world a better place. Professionals who work at non-profits represent causes, act as advocates and reach out to others because that's what they love doing. Unfortunately, the tools that they have to do that outreach aren't always adequate. Maybe you've worked for an organization that gave chintzy coffee mugs to its most important supporters. Perhaps you've been in the awkward position of offering cheap plastic key chains to notable business people. Handing out poorly made promotional items is embarrassing to the individuals tasked with doing so, and it's embarrassing to your organization too.

Here at Cristaux, we believe in what non-profits do. When we create promotional products or custom awards for our partners in the non-profit world, we focus on creating designs that reflect an organization's values and mission. After all, the promotional items and gifts you give don't just speak for your particular non-profit. They speak for your cause as a whole. Making the right impression is vital not just for your success but for the success of other organizations who work in the same arena. We're here to make sure that every product you choose is aesthetically pleasing and says all the right things too.

For us, that means thinking outside the box. How many logo-emblazoned umbrellas do you have from non-profit membership drives? How many flimsy calendars have simply gone to waste? Organizations chose these products because they seemed appealing and cost effective, but poor execution made them into a poor investment. We know that your organization isn't working with an unlimited budget, and we want you to get the best out of your promotional products possible. That's why we offer compelling, cost-effective designs. Whether it's a key fob or a desk clock, every product we make is a calculated investment in your organization's success.

It's really no different when it comes to creating custom awards for non-profit organizations. Non-profits need to honor a myriad of achievements and contributions. We meet the challenge by offering a myriad of design, manufacturing and finishing capabilities. Having unlimited creative resources at our disposal means that we can capture the spirit of your organization and distill it into one striking, cohesive design. It means that we can find the most creative and value-rich ways to recognize achievement.

Whether you have a fully developed design idea or just an inkling of what you need, we can turn it into a stunning award. We do that by drawing on a team of talented artists and craftsmen. We also let you see what's really going on in our facilities. From design to manufacturing to shipping, you'll know exactly what's happening with your promotional items or custom awards. It's just the reassurance you need to choose an awards partner for your non-profit organization.