Financial Sector

Think back to the first time you were in the office of a finance industry giant. Were there deal toys on the desk or awards displayed on shelves? The answer is likely yes, and you've probably seen a lot of financial tombstones and awards since. Some might have been well designed and appealing, but it's likely that most didn't seem to speak to the value of the financial institution where they were displayed. It's something we've seen all too often here at Cristaux International.

A big deal is being commemorated, but the deal toy seems like it was designed at the last minute and made from cheap plastic. A successful broker is being honored, but the award looks like it was hobbled together in a dark room. These custom awards and tombstones fail to impress, and there's just no excuse for that. When you work with an award company, you should get more than just a basic product. You should get an incredible design that reflects your organization's values.

Making awards, tombstones and promotional items that do just that is our everyday business here at Cristaux. We've mastered a wide array of design, manufacturing and finishing techniques so that we can meet every client challenge. We craft designs that send the right message about your organization because we're invested in your success. When it's time to recognize an employee or board members for a big achievement, you need to choose an award that reflects the gravity of your organization. Our team works with you to understand the spirit of what you do so that we can translate it into every award we make.

We're also invested in tradition. Lucite Tombstones and deal toys have a long history, and we're proud to be a part of it here at Cristaux. We make fun, memorable tombstones that measure up in terms of both aesthetics and quality. After all, key members of your organization will be displaying these items in their offices. They should be eye-catching and playful, but they need to stand up to the test of being handled too. That's why we use only the best materials, embedments and finishing techniques when we craft your deal toys.

Of course, quality matters outside the walls of financial institutions too. At Cristaux, we invest the same attention in promotional products as we do in custom awards and tombstones. Like everything else that you offer to current or potential clients, your promotional items speak to your institution's strength and values. Finance is an incredibly competitive industry, and there's just no room for error when representing your organization.

At Cristaux, we've made our name on making the right choices for our clients every time. We keep our design and manufacturing process totally transparent so that there aren't any errors. Whether you're looking for a custom award or hot promotional item, we can help.