Entertainment Industry

Have you ever seen a beautiful actress holding a downright ugly statuette? Have you been to a film festival where the awards looked like a total afterthought? In an industry that tends to revolve around appearances, these poorly conceived awards can come off as a serious insult. Here at Cristaux International, we believe that awards given to honor artistic achievements should be artistically sound themselves. That's why our staff is made up of only the most talented, experienced designers and craftsmen around. Every award we create reflects the gravity of the achievement that it honors.

Great designs start with great inspirations. At Cristaux, we find inspiration in the achievements of all of our clients. We can't deny, though, that there's something special about the inspiration offered by artists. Maybe you're looking for a simple, elegant award to honor a documentary director whose work sends emotional waves through audiences. Perhaps you want to highlight an extraordinary choreographer. You're honoring something that has unique cultural value, and we're here to celebrate that spirit with you.

Of course, doing that is about more than understanding and appreciating the art of entertainment. It's also about having mastery of a wide variety of design, manufacturing and finishing practices. Every custom award we create is unique and compelling because we're not limited by material constraints. If you have a certain look in mind for your award, we can nail it in our manufacturing facilities. If you have a bare-bones idea of what you need, we can turn it into a gorgeous award.

Visionaries in the world of entertainment have something different to offer. We pride ourselves on having something different to offer too. When you think of entertainment awards, you likely think of statuettes and orbs. If that's what you have in mind, we know exactly how to do it. If you have something different in mind, though, we can do that too. As leaders in the awards field, we pride ourselves on knowing when to break conventions. Maybe you're honoring something avant-garde or want to make a bold statement. Artful, innovative design is something else we've mastered here at Cristaux. No matter how wild your idea seems, we can handle it.

We believe that beautiful awards demand special presentation too, and we don't think that entertainment awards have to live in ugly cardboard boxes. We can create custom packaging to ensure that every aspect of your award's presentation stands up to the highest aesthetic standards. It's another one of those little details that we've mastered here, and it's part of what makes us an award partner of choice for entertainment companies worldwide. Brings us your entertainment award visions, and we'll bring them to life.