Elevate the Award Experience

Make your event more than a memory.


A Moment That Lasts a Lifetime

Cristaux is proud to provide comprehensive and integrated award programs for events at every scale. Our success is built from the integrated way we work with clients to understand and realize their vision and mission.

With the Cristaux team, you get more than basic event planning solutions. Our team of experts is recognized internationally for consistent ingenuity, design, manufacturing excellence and exemplary program management. With elevated event options such as on-site engraving or drop shipments with logistics tracking, we take your event to its fullest potential.

Recognizing excellence across categories and sectors

Art, Entertainment & Cultural
Best Chef Gallery4
Covidian 1
Public & Institutional
Event Awards Gallery5
Brand & Experiences
2016Awards JeffBezos(Amazon CEO) 1
Cause, Green, Fundraising & Charity
Event Awards Gallery6
Conferences, Meetings & Conventions
NPSL Medallions Photo 3
Corporate & Community
Destination Events
Team Building & Incentive

The Competitive Edge

Event awards are bigger than a single object. Each event is the result of detailed research, innovative planning, steadfast work, intricate logistics and creativity that goes in into making it a success.

Cristaux works tirelessly to create the industry’s most exceptional objects of recognition that authentically reflect and honor the world’s most outstanding achievements.

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