A Catalyst for Acceleration

Employee recognition leads to the path of success.

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Build a Culture of Appreciation

Employee recognition is not business, it is personal. Recognition is an essential component to an outstanding workplace, and by praising employees for their individual efforts, you motivate others on the team to rise to success.

Companies and organizations who show their employees that their work is valued experience greater instances of satisfaction and productivity. With a robust recognition program in place, teams are motivated to contribute their best work. Through a comprehensive program, Cristaux simplifies corporate recognition with personalized solutions at every budget and service level.

Employee Recognition is an Essential Pillar of Engagement

  • Increased Productivity
  • Greater Employee Satisfaction
  • Direct Performance Feedback
  • Higher Loyalty and Satisfaction
  • Enhanced Teamwork
  • Employee Retention
  • Better Safety Records
  • Lower Rates of Absenteeism
  • Elevates Culture of Organization
  • Helps Meet HR Goals

Demonstrate the Value of Your Business

When implemented effectively, the ROI of employee recognition is clear. Taking the time to say thanks to your employees speaks volumes to the integrity of an organization. By stating why each employee is specifically valuable to the company via a token of gratitude, the benefits are endless.

Employee recognition provides a highly visible, tangible way to ensure your team appreciated for their contributions while simultaneously reinforcing key company vision and values.

Support goals, values and expectations of your team