Plaques + Internal Signage

Allow your branding to tell your story.

wood plaque painted white with digital print design and metal attached

Celebrate Your Company

Whether displayed in an entryway or personal office, plaques and internal signage are a prominent form of company branded recognition awards. Their purpose remains the same: showcase a brand in a way that inspires change. Display to the world what makes your company stand out amongst the rest.

Metal and acrylic building signage with qr code and brail writing

Realize Your Vision with our plaques + internal signage

Internal signage goes beyond logo recreation. It is a means to defining who you are and why you work so hard at what you do. Whether it is for one office or multiple locations, internal signage elevates branding on doorways or conference rooms. It can even feature the donors or investors who help you get to where you need to be.

At Cristaux International, we design and produce creations for diverse purposes and functions. Whether renovating your workplace or honoring individual achievements, we will bring your vision to life.

Boardroom office company signage made of acrylic and metal

Interior office signs + door signs

Interior office signs and door signs impress your visitors and allow for easy navigation. By using creative design, we can create signage and plaques that serve essential purposes for your team and workflow. Incorporate elements that signify a room’s availability or reiterate your company values. Whatever the strategy may be, elevate your design to capture the attention of your visitors.

building schematic informational sign made of metal and acrylic

Lobby + room signs

Lobby signs give your brand a chance to shine. By greeting visitors with company branded signage, you proudly represent your organization without saying a word. Custom room signs continue your branding throughout your space, making it your own.

Wood plaque with crystal and metal mounted to

Wall plaques

While internal signage is driven by company branding, wall plaques focus on your recipient’s experience. This unique form of recognition incorporates personalization and is generally smaller in size than internal signage.

Classically used for certification or performance programs, wall plaques are geared towards rewarding a specific individual or team for their efforts. Take the time to recognize those that matter by rewarding annual award winners with plaques that are personally engraved with their names.

Check out the plaques in our portfolio to find inspiration



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Internal signage – shapes, types + materials

Our team’s level of industrial design expertise is unmatched. We will find the right material, the proper shape and even the best color coordination for your design. When it comes to internal recognition, there is no greater way to highlight your brand. Consider our vast array of unique specialties when designing your next round of internal signage.

Acrylic plaque with image digitally printed

Acrylic Signs + Plaques

Acrylic is known for its versatility because it is easy to shape and available in many colors. For custom signs and plaques, it can be used as a non-glare cover or as a clean and modern frame. This material can also be molded into smaller elements to further detail your design.

Metal plaque attached to black acrylic

Metal Signs + Plaques

By using metal, you can elevate and personalize any plaque design. Techniques include digital printing, die casting or molding, laser cutting, acid etching, sublimation, and painting. You may imagine a polished, matte, or brushed metal finish. Regardless, metal will bend to your vision.

Crystal plaque on wood base

Wooden Signs + Plaques

Wood achieves a strong and natural effect for any custom sign. Its many varieties offer unique characteristics for each piece. This material is a popular choice for plaques because it is often used to frame the main element. It can also be used as the design’s backdrop or decorated with a metal veneer to innovate within a limited budget.


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Plaques + internal signage by Cristaux

Considering the many types of select creations, materials, and finishes to choose from, your concept will be truly unique. Cristaux works hard to perfect all details of our plaques and internal signage. This way, we make sure that every design has that one-of-a-kind feel. We elevate concepts to communicate your story, and we won’t stop until that story comes to life.

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Yes, Cristaux offers custom office signs for walls. One of our specialties is custom internal signage. Share your idea with our creative team. We’re excited to hear what you envision for your office.

Signage includes individual and groups of signs designed and used to communicate a message. Common examples include traffic signs and safety signs. At Cristaux, we often design and produce wall signs to reflect a business’s brand.

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