Plaques + Internal Signage

Allow your branding to tell your story.

Custom Metal Acrylic Accelerator Wall Plaque By Cristaux

Identify With Your Branding

Whether displayed in an office entryway or hung on a wall, interior signage and plaques are a prominent form of company branded recognition awards.

Their purpose is always the same: showcase a brand in a way that inspires change. Show the world what makes their company stand out amongst the rest.

Custom Wall Plaque Award Lady Gaga Acrylic Sales Sign By Cristaux

Wall Plaques

Where interior signage is driven company branding, wall plaques focus on the recipient experience. This unique form of recognition incorporates personalization, and is generally smaller in size compared to interior signage.

Classically used for certification or performance programs, wall plaques are geared towards rewarding a specific individual or team for their efforts.



Emirates welcomes 100th A380 to its fleet Emirates celebrates the milestone delivery of its 100th Airbus A380 aircraft at a special ceremony with Airbus at the manufacturer’s delivery centre in Hamburg. The Emirates A380 programme creates and supports manufacturing jobs…

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Internal Signage

Highlight your brand in a distinct way. Internal signage goes beyond logo recognition. It is a means to defining who you are and why you work so hard at what you do.

Whether it is for a singular location or multiple franchise locations, interior signage elevates branding on doorways or conference rooms and can even showcase the donors or investors that help get you to where you need to be.

It is All in the Details

Our team’s level of industrial design expertise is unmatched. We will find the right material, the proper shape and even the best color coordination for your design.

Cristaux works to perfect even the simplest of details to make sure that each design is given that one-of-a-kind feel. We elevate concepts to communicate your story, and we won’t stop until that story is exactly what you envision.

You dream it, we build it