Case Study


Delivering one-of-a-kind lifestyle experiences in some of the world’s most sought-after destinations, Viceroy Hotels and Resorts redefines the very concept of boutique and luxury hospitality. With a mission to overlook no detail or desire, the entire Viceroy staff is focused on delivering a seamless experience.


Custom Awards


The Challenge

While every Viceroy property has it’s own unique environment, certain qualities are welcomingly consistent. From arrival to departure, it is essential for the Viceroy onsite teams to provide ‘creativity, comfort and advanced service’ as their signature offerings to guests. To extend this comfort level, and to enhance the existing custom suits the team wears, Cristaux and Viceroy collaborated on a custom lapel pin embellishment to adorn each employee, focusing on the details and providing guests with a more intuitive experience. Additionally, Cristaux worked with the same creative team to strategize, develop and deliver a supporting employee recognition program for the dedicated Viceroy executive team.


The Solution

True to the brand, we recreated the iconic Viceroy sunburst logo to create a ubiquitous but subtly presence of the company. Every detail matters, and in this case, Cristaux innovated to include an invisible nice earth magnet backing to ensure a crisp look, ease of use and reduce garment damage. The pieces were so popular, guests have been known to ask where they may purchase the adornment.

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