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Thomson Reuters is one of the world’s most trusted providers of answers, helping professionals make confident decisions and run better businesses. Its customers operate in complex arenas that move society forward — law, tax, compliance, government, and media – and face increasing complexity as regulation and technology disrupts every industry.


Custom Awards


Crystal + Glass

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The Challenge

We were asked to come up with a concept that would allow for yearly adjustments in the design. This way, the award structure stayed the same, but the design implemented into the award was versatile enough to implement a different theme every year.

DSC 1368

The Solution

We created a free-flowing shape that allowed us to take panels of glass and personalize them differently every year. The concept was really simple but unique in the sense that it allowed us and the client the versatility they were looking for. The assembly, nonetheless, was not the easiest of things. In order to complete the project to the Cristaux standard, our production team needed to invent a brand new tool that was designed to perfectly align the glass panels together.