The Hotel Modern
Case Study

The Hotel Modern

Based in New Orleans, the Hotel Modern offers guests a boutique experience, excellent restaurants, and great amenities.

Financial Dealtoy Award Crystal The Modern Hotel 02


The client wanted to create a custom deal gift that showcased the hotel’s branding in a minimalistic way. They envisioned paying tribute to the hotel’s iconic exterior.

Financial Dealtoy Award Crystal The Modern Hotel 03


We used clear and black crystal to fabricate the entire piece. For the main panel, we printed the hotel’s trademark red color and shape on a film. Then, we embedded that film in between panels of crystal with a translucent gray border to create a frosted effect. Next, we etched personalization into the front of the piece and filled it in with white to stand out.

For the base, we etched black crystal and filled it with white coloring as well. In the end, we created an intriguing piece complete with branding, frosted elements, and a slight shadow effect.

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