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SMA Technologies

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Code Name

SMA Technologies


The Challenge

The team at SMA Technologies wanted to do something unique for their 40th anniversary. The catch: it had to be small, and we were going to have to ship them to their customers all over the US and France.


The Solution

Our team made a very thick zinc alloy, die casted replica of their X-man mascot. We placed each individual recognition piece in a custom presentation box. To top it off, we worked directly with the marketing team at the organization to handle additional collateral such as insertions and stickers.

We then proceeded to drop ship each custom box to hundreds of their best customers. While this may seem like a standard feat for Cristaux, this was the most well received shipment we had made due to its timing – right when Covid-19 picked up and shipments became scarce, and a special way to keep a positive mindset during a hard time.

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