Randolph Tower
Case Study

Randolph Tower

A collaboration between municipality, economic development and financial institutions resulted in something worth celebrating. This client came to Cristaux to honor an important renovation of a historical landmark in downtown Chicago.





Code Name

Randolph Tower


The Challenge

To commemorate an honorable moment that took significant capital, time and effort, the Crsitaux team was tasked with having to implement many variables into one piece. Hoping to recognize everyone that played a role, this piece had to contain the spirit of the project as a whole.

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Optional Pre-Title

The Solution

We decided to dye cast out of pewter because it is a softer type of metal, which allows us to capture the more intimate details easier than a harder metal. Once that was done, the next step was to capture all aspects of the building. We finalized the piece by embedding the pewter building into acrylic with a detailed description of each element of the project.

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