Private Bank
Case Study

Private Bank

The PrivateBank became a subsidiary of CIBC in 2017. Headquartered in Chicago, CIBC U.S. provides customers with financial solutions and banking services. Its team strives to provide excellent, client-centered service every day.

Private Bank

The Challenge

The PrivateBank wanted to create a unique line of recognition awards to commemorate various years of service. At their request, Cristaux sought out to make sure the final product exemplified fine craftsmanship, used their branding and incorporated their PMS colors.


The Solution

Our team decided to create this project out of grade “a” crystal. We used various sizes of crystal for each year of service. From there, each piece was sand blasted, and all personalization was applied using their exact PMS colors. The final product was very clean yet modern, which is often an important factor within the financial industry.

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