NYC Building Replica
Case Study

Elle Esse Group

Recognized for generating creative and innovative solutions for high-profile clients, this particular creative agency has created campaigns for some of the world’s leading cosmetic, apparel, real-estate, hospitality and advertising agencies.


Crystal + Glass

Code Name

NYC Building


The Challenge

With a deep commitment to detail, quality and service – this client was in search of a team to align with their out of the box thinking. Seeking to collaborate on a spectacular project, they engaged Cristaux to generate a building replica for one of their most discerning client’s properties.


The Solution

Due to the detailed nature of building replicas, and in particular this project – the Cristaux team assessed the property, taking measurements and noting exacting details to ensure the most realistic result. Panel by panel, the Cristaux engineering and design teams recreated every inch of the structure to scale, delivering a feat of architectural brilliance.