Marines Mortar Bomb
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Marines Mortar Bomb

The United States Marine Corps is trained to take on all obstacles. The service of the Marines is highly appreciated and valued.


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Marines Mortar Bomb

Crystal Mortar Bomb Replica Marines On Base 003


For an event awards program, we dared ourselves to modernize the Marines’ history. Our team wanted to create a new-school award inspired by old-school concepts. Additionally, the client requested we work exclusively with crystal.

Crystal Mortar Bomb Replica Marines On Base 002


We decided to recreate the concept of a mortar bomb. We started by specially ordering thick pieces of clear and black crystalNext, we used a waterjet to perfectly shape each piece. Then, we personalized each award with recipients’ names. Overalleach elegant piece weighed 18 pounds, and we were grateful to do this service for them.

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