Legends Football League
Case Study

Legends Football League

Originally known as the Lingerie Football League, the League of Football sought out the Cristaux design team after stumbling upon a custom piece we made for the World Poker Tournament.


Custom Awards


Crystal + Glass


Event Awards


The Challenge

At the vision: a championship trophy that weighs at least 50 pounds, and stands at least 3 feet tall – all made out of high quality crystal.

While this request sounds like an easy one, the concept was not function. The team of design experts worked through to manage expectations while still producing something that is purposeful for the brand.


The Solution

Our team settled at dimensions that were roughly half of the desired size. It ended up around 22 inches high while still weighing in around 45 pounds. We knew that if we created something 3 feet tall it would have been close to 100 pounds. The design itself was a beautiful piece that had a football at the center of this trophy.

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