Hilton Garden Inn
Case Study

Hilton Garden Inn

Owned by Hilton Worldwide, the Hilton Garden Inn is a brand of hotels focused on providing high-quality service to all guests. Its dedicated team members embody the brand’s values of consistency and reliability.

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The Hilton Garden Inn team wanted to create a deal toy to commemorate everyone involved with the recent acquisition of one of their propertiesThey wanted to go beyond the traditional piece and stand out by adding details about the hotelLucky for them, they came to the right people.

HodgesWardElliott HiltonGardenInn DealToy 003


To incorporate the hotel’s character, we created a design based on its structural elements and tuxedo colors. We then took it one step further to celebrate its location. How did we achieve this? On the backside of the crystal, we printed a local street map and red dot marking the hotel’s location. By doing this, it would always be surrounded by its beloved community. Small details like these make recognition meaningful.

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